How an Ideal Workspace Should Look Like?

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How an Ideal Workspace Should Look Like?

We spend a lot of time in our offices and rooms we work in. Your work space has to help to cope with your tasks and no to obstruct under no circumstances.

I have good news for you. You will have to change only some things to enhance your productivity and find inspiration. And you do not have to change your work principle, this is because you got used to it. These changes will not come too expensive.

Wall color

If you only plan renovation of your work space, give special consideration to the color of the walls. It is an important factor, which can influence on your productivity in a positive or negative way. There are thousands of articles, where different colors and their impact on people are considered from psychological point of view.

Any shade of black color is a bad choice for work space. Black and dark walls, probably, will bear hard on you and make room look narrower. Too bright colors will distract you from work. Warm colors can help you to cope with creative tasks. Light shades of color are chosen for offices more often. They are associated with airiness and openness.

Search office pictures in Google Images and pay attention to wall color. Maybe, you will find something attractive. Pinterest can also become a source of inspiration, millions of people look for inspiration and find it there!

Desk and chair

Choice of desk is a very personal moment, as in many respects it depends on what you are planning to do. If you are going to work with computer most of the time, you do not need so much space as those who will go without computer, for example, to do technical drawings, to embroider, to cope with papers and so on.

If you choose a desk only for yourself, point to the fact, that it should do for all kinds of occupation you take up usually. Also do not forget about a place for storage different things. Books, drawings, notes, couple of cups. All in all, nothing out of the ordinary.

Type of chair or armchair is also very important. If you work with computer, you need to sit comfortably motionless for hours. But do not forget to make break every hour. It is useful for your organism. You need to sit straight in a convenient chair. Buttress for your back is obligatory.

Correct storage of necessary things

When you choose a desk, also pay attention to shelves and boxes, if they are in your desk. If no, then you will need to buy a mobile drawer unit or an ambry where you will store your things: books, documents, copy-books, computer peripherals and others. See about a place on the desk or a shelf where you will keep your writing instruments: pens, pencils, rulers.

Right storage will save you a lot of time when you will try to find something necessary. All things you use very often should be easy of approach and vice versa. Everything should have its place. Then you will always know what and where is held.


And now let’s talk about the most important. It is lighting. The best lighting is always natural. Try to place your desk where you can get the maximum daylight. If you do not have such possibility, try to play with big mirrors. They can also give you additional lighting. A correctly placed mirror can also make a working room look larger.

You should see about the lighting of your desk. Buy a lamp which will light your work space good. Savings on lighting will result in vision loss and glasses buying.

And finally put some house plants in your office. It will give you additional portion of fresh air. Wish you productive work!