Writing Narrative Essays

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Writing Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are often referred to as story-essays. The student is required to tell a story, describe a personal experience or recount an event. These essays allow the student to make full use of his or her creative and imaginative ingenuity.
Here are some useful tips to help you write a flawless narrative essays.

All parts of a story should be included if the essay is in the narrative genre.

This simply means your essay must follow the proper format of a story; it must include an introduction, characters, a setting, a plot, a climax, and an end.

What is the difference between a story and narrative essay?

This can be explained with using a simple book report as an example. When your supervisor asks you to write a book report you use the correct format. The same applies with a narrative essay. Your narrative essay must include all the necessary information.

Good writing always has a purpose.

If your writing lacks a purpose, there is no point in writing at all; you will simply be wasting your time and your reader’s. Writing with a specific purpose is imperative – treat it as you would a thesis statement.

Everything in your essay should be lucid and clear.

Yes, it is true that narrative essays are usually written from the writer’s point of view but this is not a strict rule; exercise your creativity, feel free to embellish your writing with imagination and innovation.

Language used must be clear and lucid.

Use of language is crucial. As the author of the essay you should take care to use language which is appropriate not only for your subject but also for the level of understanding of your target audience. To enhance readability, make sure you gauge you readers’ level correctly.

Use of the first person pronoun “I”.

In a narrative essay using the first person pronoun ‘I’ is quite acceptable. However, you are advised to use it in moderation, if used excessively it can annoy readers and tarnish your literary reputation.
When writing an essay you should ensure that everything you are write is clear and concise. Do not allow two ideas to overlap and become confused with each other. Your writing should give marked by an overall impression of clarity, logic and a genuine sense of purpose.