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Highlights from our EU debate in Spanish Parliament

  In the wake of the 60th anniversary of the European Union, the European Student Think Tank hosted a debate in Spanish Congress on the future of Europe in which 90 students, experts and international and national politicians participated. The... Continue Reading →


Russia and the West in Syria: A question of global hegemony?

As 2016 came to an end, the immense cruelty of the Syrian Civil War once again revealed itself to the public. The bombings of Aleppo have shown the world how fragile the international system can be, when national power interests... Continue Reading →

European Student Think Tank to host EU youth debate in Spanish Congress

  On Friday the 31st of March the European Student Think Tank will host a debate in Spanish Congress at 12H on foreign and European policy in which 90 students will share their vision on the future of Europe. In... Continue Reading →

Highlights from our Gender Equality Debate in the European Parliament

The European Student Think Tank hosted a debate in the European Parliament to engage young people in the discussion of Gender Equality in the European Policy-making process. Students from a wide range of backgrounds were invited to debate with Members... Continue Reading →

Empow(h)er: Interview with LGBT activist and politician Carla Antonelli (PSOE)

By Santiago Campos Ruiz, Spanish Ambassador to the European Student Think Tank. This interview is part of the EST's Empow(h)er campaign for Gender Equality. Carla Antonelli is a politician and renowned LGBT rights activist. Since 2011 she is a Deputy... Continue Reading →

The European Idea in France: A story of the French relation to the European construction

By Moïra Tourneur, student in European Affairs at Paris-Sorbonne University and EST ambassador to France. Feel free to contact Moïra at France is one of the six founding countries of European cooperation. Moreover, the idea of uniting European countries... Continue Reading →

Unrest in Ethiopia: has time arrived to stop sweeping human rights issues under the rug?

Vittorio Capici is in his final year of the Bachelor in European Studies at Maastricht University. As part of the program he is currently undertaking a 5 month internship at the EU Delegation to Ethiopia, to better understand how the... Continue Reading →

Apple in Ireland: Just the Tip of a Giant Iceberg?

José Miguel Anjos is a Law graduate of the University of Minho, Portugal. He has been a delegate at the Euro-Ibero-American Youth Forum, organised by the European Youth Parliament Portugal, and currently acts as the President of the Law Students... Continue Reading →

Geopolitics Behind Aylan Kurdi’s Death

Will the US-Russia ceasefire deal make a difference? By Olga Papadopoulou, holder of a MSc. in Migration, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Olga recently finished her Ph.D. thesis in "labour market inequalities" in the department of Geography from University of... Continue Reading →

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