The European Student Think Tank is proud to present the III instalment of its academic journal; the European Policy Review, published in July 2016. The EPR is available for free to download here.

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EPR III Edition

Enrike Van Wingerden – Editor in Chief:
Amidst the perhaps unfathomable complexity of recent events in Europe: the arrival of many refugees to the EU; attacks in multiple European cities; and the UK’s decision to leave the European project, events that will shape the futures of so many young people around Europe and the rest of the world, the Euro- pean Student Think Tank has remained its vital role as a platform by and for students to engage with one another and articulate their views on these issues. Our most tangible product is what lies in front of you: the third edition of the European Policy Review. The European Policy Review is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes academic, student-written papers on a wide range of topics related to European Union policy and European affairs. In this edition you will find the following:

Melle Scholten – The Snowden Files and Agenda-Setting in Eu Foreign Policy

Christopher Starke and Lisa Hoffman – Is the Euro crisis a Catalyst for European Identity?: The complex relationship between conflicts, the public sphere and collective identity

Amparo Santiago – Workplace Sexual Harassment in Europe: The Hard-Law Definition

Filippo Barbagli – The Quest for a European Autonomous Security Policy: A Cinderella Complex case?

Patric McQuillian and Lamprini Basdeki – Bridging the Gap Towards a new Transatlantic Cyber-Security Framework

Allard Janus – Net Neutrality and Institutional Compromises

Joanna Raduszewska – Window of Opportunity: Will 2016 be a Breakthrough for TTIP?