Erik Immonen for Finland


Erik Immonen (1994) is currently studying World Politics at the University of Helsinki. He is interested in the role of religion in culture and political thought, international defence, European cultural history, Catholic social teaching, and nationalism. In addition to Finnish, his first language, Erik speaks German, English, Swedish, Italian, and French.

Erik is the Secretary of the Finnish-Austrian Society, and he holds various positions of trust in different organisations, serving e.g. as the Vice-President of the Helsinki Social Democratic Students’ Association, as a board member of both the Helsinki chapter of Young European Federalists Finland and of the Social Democratic Students of Finland, and as an editor of Lippu, the magazine of the Social Democratic Youth of Finland. In his spare time, Erik enjoys studying history and other subjects, reading poetry, taking long walks in his home city, Helsinki, and listening to a wide variety of music, some of his favourites being Claudio Monteverdi, Olavi Virta, and Tomás Luis de Victoria.

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