Christodoulos Chrysafis for Greece (Thessaloniki)


Christodoulos Chrysafis  is currently in his final year of his bachelor degree studying Economics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is the founder of the Greek interactive economic website  ‘Independent Economic and Financial  Analysis’ ( His interest for Europe and the European Union during his studies lead him to participate in several  programs  at KU Leuven and Solvay University  about European Economics. Also he took part in a summer school for leadership organized  by ThinkYoung . In addition, Christodoulos was in the organizer team of the summer school at Aristotle University .Participating in the MUN in Edinburgh  was a unique experience for him and inspired him to become more involved with international affairs.
Apart from Greek, he speaks English, German and  French. His passions are the travelling and meeting new people.

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