The Board is currently selecting the new International Officer for 2017/2018. After that the selection of senior ambassadors and ambassadors will take place. If you are interested in applying for the position of ambassador or senior ambassador, please send your application to A separate call for these positions will be announced after the new Board has been selected. Applicants for the position of ambassadors and senior ambassadors will be contacted at the end of August.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador of this country, please submit your application and you will be contacted by early September. 

Géza Kovács-Dobák for Hungary


Géza (1994) is finishing his  BA diploma in International Business  at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. Besides his economic interest he has been active both in journalism and in international relations the past 3 years. He has attended double-digit MUN conferences through International Diplomatic Student Association, which is specialised in International Affairs and the work of the United Nations. Géza has also been writing analyses on the world economy and the events of the international field for quite some time at Közgazdász (Economist [not the British one]).

His main passion is the economy, that’s why he started teaching Macroeconomics and International Economics at his university . In order to understand the economy better, he tried to acquire significant experience in the business field which ranges from SMEs to companies which are global players in nearly every country of the world.
He wishes to continue his postgraduate studies in the narrow field of economic diplomacy.

To contact Géza, please send an e-mail to



Kamilla Béres for Hungary




Kamilla gained her bachelor degree in International Relations at the Corvinus University of Budapest, with specialised training programme on the EU. She graduated winning the Pro Universitate award, nominated for Best Student of the Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations. Her field of research has focussed on small states with special emphasis on the small member states of the EU. Meanwhile, to find out more about diplomacy and global cooperation, she also took courses in International Business.

According to her view, effective communication is the key to understand and connect distinct cultures. Thus Kamilla is especially passionate about learning languages. Apart from Hungarian, she has learnt to speak English, German and Portuguese on an advanced level, French, Spanish and Italian on an intermediate level, and has already started to learn Russian, Dutch, Turkish and Japanese.

Currently, she is studying economics and public policy making in her Master programme, in order to further establish a bridge between the European policies and the Hungarian ones. As the first female EST ambassador of Hungary, she would like help making the European student network more connected and raise the awareness as well as decision-making abilities of students for the future of Europe.

Don’t hesitate to contact the EST in Hungary via