The Board is currently selecting the new International Officer for 2017/2018. After that the selection of senior ambassadors and ambassadors will take place. If you are interested in applying for the position of ambassador or senior ambassador, please send your application to A separate call for these positions will be announced after the new Board has been selected. Applicants for the position of ambassadors and senior ambassadors will be contacted at the end of August.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador of this country, please submit your application and you will be contacted by early September. 

Rebecca Hogg for the Netherlands (Amsterdam)

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Rebecca Hogg comes from Nottingham, England. She is currently studying for a Masters in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, having finished her Bachelor’s degree in 2015. She is passionate about European politics, history and culture, especially the relationship between them, and hopes to make this passion the focus of her future career. After the EU membership referendum in the UK, she feels that it is important more than ever to make the most of her EU citizenship by living and studying abroad, and becoming involved in European affairs.

Feel free to contact Rebecca at

Sol Delgado Lizarraga for the Netherlands (Groningen)


Sol Delgado Lizarraga has recently moved to Groningen from London to pursue a Master’s Degree in Digital Humanities.She holds a BA in International Relations and Law and did also study three years of Law in Spain, where she is originally from.During the time in London she completed an internship at one of the most important and competitive Embassies of Spain, gaining valuable experience for six months.During the summer of 2013 Sol volunteered for three months in rural Nepal where she was did field research about community-specific issues linked to gender issues and safer neighbourhoods. This developed a deep understanding of cross-culture collaboration and a high resistance to culture shock.

Sol got involved with the EST considering the huge importance of making young people aware of European affairs and also to learn more about working in an international think tank.

Feel free to contact her by sending an e-mail to