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Offering sanctuary to refugees: insights from the UK

  Have you ever felt powerless to help refugees and asylum seekers in your country? Ever wondered whether there was some way to help humanise the process of resettlement? Our ambassador to England, Rensa Gaunt, recently interviewed Heather Luna, founder... Continue Reading →


Winners of EST Student Politics Competition

We in the EST UK team are pleased to announce the winning entries to our 2017 Student Politics Competition! Carles Garcia-Suari of Dallam School is highly commended for his entry entitled ‘Europe Nowadays’, and Janahan Suthakar of Ilford County High... Continue Reading →

Brexit may be our last chance to achieve a two-speed Europe

Gordon Brown expressed a memorable idea during the referendum. He claimed that the E.U. should be   “A United Europe of States, not a United States of Europe.” Britain could champion a looser arrangement of states on Europe’s ‘Outer’ periphery: The European Outer Area (EOA). This... Continue Reading →

A Brit’s Post-Brexit Relationship with the EU

  I voted for Remain on 23rd June. I voted for freedom of movement. I voted for European solidarity and cooperation. I voted for my European future. I voted for my European Union citizenship. I voted with conviction and I... Continue Reading →

Presenting: The Second Independence Referendum Bill of Scotland

"God help England if she had no Scots to think for her.” These are the words depicted by an Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw in his satirical comedy: “The Apple Cart: A Political Extravaganza.” Little did Shaw know that England,... Continue Reading →

By our English Ambassador: ‘Are we the bad guys?’

  We in the UK see ourselves as world leaders and as a benevolent force in the world: a member of the G7, G20 and much more, with ‘special relationships’ between us and many other countries, financially successful but also... Continue Reading →

A Game of European Domino: Can we expect an Öxit next?

Dominik Draxler  obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Vienna in 2015. His thesis dealt with the question whether Germany could be considered a potential hegemon in Europe in light of the Eurozone crisis, and the... Continue Reading →

Tory plans to “reform” human rights law: Britain’s neglected responsibility in Europe?

Sara Bundtzen is studying European Studies at the University of Southern Denmark. She is currently interning with the Committee on EU Affairs in the German Bundestag. She has previously been involved with Amnesty International and Anti-Corruption International, and is also... Continue Reading →

Now is not the time for fear

By David Chadwick, Academic Officer of the European Student Think Tank. David will regularly share his ideas on the United Kingdom's relationship with the European Union.  The human being is not a rational creature. Neither are nations. To understand a country’s emotions,... Continue Reading →

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