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Why might the liberalisation of border controls for people be more controversial than the liberalisation for goods, services and capital?

Abstract This paper tackles the common misunderstanding of liberalised borders of people identified under the current neo-liberal paradigm. Controversies assigned to liberalised borders of people have ignored processes of globalisation and elimination of capital controls as the culprits of controversies... Continue Reading →


Free Trade Agreements – A brief history

By Sebastian Keil. Sebastian will begin a program in International Studies at the University of Leiden in September. Free trade is a term that appeals to the human mind because it creates the image of a flourishing economy. (1) Trade... Continue Reading →

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and its effects on democratic sovereignty

By Maurijn Rezvani, student of Anthropology and Political Science at the University of Amsterdam and writer for the European Student Think Tank.  The number of signed trade agreements is growing exponentially. Since the nineties this number has grown eightfold (see... Continue Reading →

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