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The Visegrád group: Voice of the Central Europe?

The Visegrád group is a cultural and political union of 4 countries: The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. All those countries are located in the Central European region and it is exactly this geographic character that gave them a... Continue Reading →


March for Europe, a call of Union citizens!

Saturday the 25th of March marked the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome - a time for celebrations around Europe. It seemed that celebrating was a necessity in these time of turmoil and crisis, in opposition to the voices... Continue Reading →

« No women, no Kraj » (No women, no country)

Abortion law in Poland is one of the most restrictive in Europe. The standing law of 1993 allows abortion only in case of rape, incest, where the foetus is severely damaged, or if the mother’s life is in danger. It... Continue Reading →

Highlights from our Gender Equality Debate in the European Parliament

The European Student Think Tank hosted a debate in the European Parliament to engage young people in the discussion of Gender Equality in the European Policy-making process. Students from a wide range of backgrounds were invited to debate with Members... Continue Reading →

Poland’s ‘Return to Europe’: Economic Growth and Social Impact

  Twelve years ago, the transformation of Poland from a post-communism to a free market-oriented capitalist economy led to its accession to the European Union. The day on which this happened, May 1st 2004, remains a symbol of genuine change.... Continue Reading →

Warsaw NATO Summit: Polish perspective

By Kinga Jaromin, Polish Ambassador to the EST. NATO Summit, held on the 8-9 of July in Warsaw was an event of great importance not only for the alliance itself, but also for countries from the so called Eastern Flank,... Continue Reading →

Protecting rule of law in the EU- Article 7 and the Rule of Law Framework

By Johannes Tropper, Austrian Ambassador to the European Student Think Tank. The political developments and the far-reaching reforms targeting the Constitutional Tribunal and Public Service Broadcasters in Poland have led to concerns about the Polish government’s commitment to the rule... Continue Reading →

Euroscepticism taking over Europe. Will Poland spearhead it?

By Kinga Jaromin, Master student of Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw and Ambassador to Poland for the European Student Think Tank. Soon after the new Polish government started its term in the office, Polish and international news reported that... Continue Reading →

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