The Working Group on Gender Equality, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, focuses on monitoring the state of gender equality in the EU. The group is currently working on a comprehensive report and policy proposal, which analyses parental leave in the EU and argues that differences in possibilities relating to paternity and maternity leave directly affect the possibilities for women on the labour market. The policy proposal aims at creating a piece of legislation that can be realistically used by the European Commission to create a fairer job market for both men and women as well as facilitate easier access for men to paid parental leave.

Head of the Working group on Gender Equality: Angelique Truijens
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Stijn Dollekampunnamed-1

Stijn Dollekamp is a third-year sociology student at the University of Groningen. Furthermore, he is a member of various committees within his study association and he is also in the faculty council of the faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences. The current project he is working on concerns gender equality. He believes that in 2017 gender (in)equality is still an important issue worth improving. Therefore he is glad to contribute a small piece on this matter.

Gilles de Valk

Gilles is 20 years old and lives in Amsterdam, but he was borngilles and raised in Groningen, which is located in the north of the Netherlands. He is in his my third year of the BA in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, with a focus on Eastern Europe and Conflict Studies. Last year, as a board member at the Study Association for European Studies, he got in touch with the European Student Think Tank for the first time. Right now, he is glad to contribute to EST’s aims.


Esmée Meyer

Esmée is a European Studies student (BA) at the University of Amsterdam. During this bachelor, she followed a major European Law and a minor unnamedInternational Relations. Last year she participated in the working group European Affairs of the National Youth Representatives and she did a short internship in which she focused on the human rights projects ‘World-Talks’ and ‘Shelter City Amsterdam’.

Being a member of this working group on gender equality is a great opportunity to combine both EU and equal rights related topics. Besides being interested in issues concerning gender equality, Esmée is also very much interested in other fields of EU law.


Angelique Truijens

Angelique (1993) is currently in her final year of European Studies (BA) with a major in
European Law and minor in East-European studies at the Angelique.jpgUniversity of Amsterdam. She has spent her last semester in St. Petersburg, Russia, and has fulfilled the position of Ambassador to Russia for the EST. Gender equality is in the centre of her academic interests and she plans to focus on this topic more and more in the future. Outside of the academia, she is a passionate cook and traveller.